GLAMFA/Open Studio 2012
Co-Curated & Co-Organized
Team Members:
Dawn Ertll, Tina Linville,  Annelie McKenzie, Denielle Johnson, 
Michael Nannery, Lance Morris, Eamonn Fox,  
with special thanks to Erynn Richardson and Tava Tedesco                   
Major changes & accomplishments: 
We were the first club to establish a procedure for using food trucks at events run by students. 
We established the use of online voting, enabling more students to have the opportunity to participate in the voting process. 
Design by Lance Morris
Marisa Williamson, Black Dinner Party
Gracie DeVito, Untitled, Jorin Bossen, Face Down in the Desert Sand and
Matt Waller, Cesca
Rachel Bank, What’s It Doing Here
Joe Loyld, Untitled, Tessie Whitmore, 
St. Stephen and Alex Lemke, Pointed Rock
Kyla Hansen, Fool’s Gold & Jonathan Apgar, Walled City
Kyla Hansen, Assholes Talkin’ Shit

Other Projects Include:

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