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I ran this gallery from inside my studio space, during my first year of grad school at CSULB. The gallery was previously known as The Neon Gallery and was the project of Eamonn Fox. Thank you Eamonn for leaving it here, it was a great experience. 

Untitled experiment between Renee Chartier, Christian Salcedo Ward, and various other CSULB students. Renee put in 30 photos, things she saw while out in the world and Christian put in things he had collected from the world. Students would be invited over a 30 day period to come into the gallery and do whatever they wanted with the items. At least two times throughout the installation period the artist would come in and reset/reformat the work in the space. The transformation was documented and posted on the blog that was attached to the gallery.
Tiger Tiger, Heather Anacker
Heather made each of these tigers out of soap, by using a mold. The artist concerned by the dwindling tiger population on the planet, made tigers out of soap each representing a Sumatran tiger existing in the world, which there are less than 400 of. Anacker sold the soaps and donated the proceeds to help protect the tigers. 
Cloud, Linville, and McKenzie
Cloud, is a magical installation created by Tina Linville and Annelie McKenzie.

Other Projects Include:

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