Is a program I started in 2012 for a class project because of the overwhelming requests for more teaching opportunities for graduate students and recent alumni. Most colleges require two years of prior teaching experience in order to get a teaching job at their institution, while others are now requiring three. With university programs trying to stay competitive by offering students classes with big name artists working in the field, it makes it difficult to offer these classes to students who want to teach. Students teaching and taking these workshops aren’t graded, which leaves the workshops open to being more experimental in nature while enabling students and alumni to share both their skills and knowledge with the rest of the student body. These are supplemental workshops and must be approved by me and the head of the program if the subject appears to be too close to something already offered through the university. Alternatively, students may also host workshops with guest lecturers if there is a topic they think would be useful to enough of the student body. For more information, please check out the website for this program:
Shannon Leith, How to Photograph Your Work:
   Michael Nannery, Mircofarming: 

  Krista Feld, Natural Dyeing with Saw Dust:
Nora Ayala, Gelatin Monotype & Marbling, Printmaking: 
Patrica Rangel, How to sell your work at a Craft Fair & Bag   
 Kiyomi Fukui, Tatting: 
Annette Heully, How to Weave on a Frame Loom: 
Cynthia Herrera, Social Practice:
Dawn Ertl, Experimental Knitting:
  Robert Brown, Sound:
Hosted by Dawn Ertl, and taught by Ryan Ross, How to Build a Time Machine: 
  Krista Feld & Heather Anacker, Sewing Construction:  
 Joshua Gagliardi, Advanced Mold Making: 

Other Projects Include:

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