GLAMFA/Open Studios 2014
Co-Curated & Co-Organized
Team Members:
Dawn Ertl, Marty Knop, Kimberly Morris,
Michael Rollins, Kiyomi Fukui, Brittany Binder
Major Achievements, 
Designed my second round GLAMFA/Open Studios, show cards
Worked with awesome web designer and billboard art designer, Marty Knop
Reserved and negotiated with vendors and institutions to get a billboard up on La Cienega and Whitworth. 
Worked with Michaels Rollins to put together a panel of curators and artists to talk to students about exhibition opportunities when first starting out. The Panel discussed various business models and ways to make it after college.
Photo by Cynthia Herrera, Art Design by Marty Knop
Art Design by Marty Knop
Show Cards
Tanya Aguiniga, Rafa Esparza, 
Michol Hebron, Elizabeth James,
 Holly Jerger, Catlin Moore, 
Max Presneill
Ava Porter, Anna Knecht Schwarzer, Nichole Speciale, 
Shelbi Schroeder,Abdul Mazid and April Bey
Kang Seung Lee, Elizabeth A. Johnson, 
Matthew Usinowicz and Shoshi Kanokohata
Jennifer Frias + Christina Lee, David Del Francia, and Tanya Brodsky
Nichole Speciale and Shiva Aliabadi
Brittany Mojo, Sofia Londono, Audrey Barcio, 
Augusto Sandroni and Maureen Halligan
Kang Seung Lee, Elizabeth A. Johnson, Matthew Usinowicz, 
Shoshi Kanokohata, Cori Redstone, April Bey, and Clare Little
 Maria Rendón and Lisa Diane Wedgeworth
Anna Knecht Schwarzer, Nichole Speciale and 
Shelbi Schroeder
Jamaal Hasef Tolbert and Carla Jay Harris
Ava Porter, Shelbi Schroeder, April Bey, Sommer Roman,  
Abdul Mazid and Andrea Marie Breiling 

Other Projects Include:

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