One Nation Under God
wool yarn and roving, single-use plastic, music notations
dimensions vary 
One Nation Under God, A Line Drawn in the Sand, and Rate of the Exchange are in reference to shared spaces both physical and mental, dictated by a controlling ideology. Musical notation is used in the physical pattern. I use songs that occupy a liminal space between hope and doom, which aligns with my feelings on environmental issues, specifically the problems manifested when religious ideology is used to shape government policy. Weaving is a constructed system that relies on each of the contiguous pieces for stability. It embodies the relationship between human beings in a closed system. The materials used are hand-dyed wool and collected single-use plastics, primarily plastic bags. Plastic represents a material convenience that comes at the expense of our collective welfare. The colors used–various greens, reds, whites, and blues–are louder and brighter than colors one might traditionally associate with the American landscape, but truer to our nature: the toxicity and artificial sense of happiness.

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