The Warmth of Your Embrace 
Tencel yarn (a brand/type of lyocell), 
wool yarn, weather data
dimensions vary
The weather pattern weavings, The Warmth of Your Embrace, Held to Hold, and Short Term, Long Term, Relationships, it is important for me to show the details within the larger picture and how we as people comprehend that information. The weather data is collected using a custom computer program that captures data only when I decide to collect it. To me, it looks like a beautiful arrangement of the referenced action taking place over most of the United States. The program assesses the content within a predetermined context. Wind direction, temperature, dew point, and humidity form questions for the program to gather and translate. I then integrate my own knowledge by reading and interpreting the resulting data. I set up one code for the hand and another for the loom, then I translate the loom code into a script that allows me to more easily dress the loom. When I’m weaving, I follow shapes and spaces from the original drawings to create disruptions in the logic of the weaving process. I choose not to fix anything correctly; instead, I highlight the disruptions and continue on until the end. When the weavings are shown together, they highlight the struggle of an ever-changing process relative to the strength of the whole system within that environment. The viewer is able to step back and see the bigger picture. The view changes depending on where you move, where you look, what you are aware of, and what you see.

(The custom computer program was created by artist Marty Knop using Mathematica.)

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